About Update-Scout

> What is Update-Scout?

Update-Scout is a service that maintains a catalog of software products together with their current version numbers, based on information available in the internet. Users can create personal news feeds as a selection of products from our catalog. Update-Scout is not a download site. It's purpose is to support software users, who want to be informed about new releases without having to constantly scan the publisher's download pages.

> My software has an integrated update check. So what is Update-Scout good for?

If this works for you, fine. However, using Update-Scout has several advantages:
  • Do you know what information is transmitted by your software?
    With Update-Scout you simply pull a news feed or receive an e-mail.
  • If you have a lot of products with update checks, your computer is making a lot of internet connections under the hood.
    With Update-Scout it is only your news reader or your e-mail client.
  • Update checks are usually only executed when you actually start a software.
    With Update-Scout you get notified even if you are not constantly using the software.
  • A lot of products and components like libraries and drivers don't provide an update check.
    Update-Scout can provide version information for virtually any software product, if the version number can be found in the internet.

> How do you know the current version numbers?

Version numbers are constantly retrieved from the web sites of the software publishers, so that the information should always correspond to the latest information officially available. We are using only first-hand information sources. However, since it is an automated process, we cannot guarantee that the version number will always be correct. What is displayed is the last version number we were able to detect, not more, not less.

> My software is not in the catalog. Can you add it?

You can! Update-Scout is interactive. Once you have created an account, you may add the software you would like to see in our catalog. Your additions will enter a review process and will usually be approved within a couple of days. To speed up the process, provide as much information as you can in the software mask.
If you are a software publisher, you are invited to add all your products to our catalog.

> What does it cost? Will it stay free?

Update-Scout is free. Currently, Update-Scout is funded by donations. Depending on how much effort is required to maintain this service, I may have to find other ways of funding. The future will show. However, the base account will always be free. Promised!

> Why doesn't Update-Scout work with my browser?

Even though Update-Scout has been developed as a cross-browser site, it might not work properly on all browsers. Update-Scout has been tested with IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari. We are working to support other browsers as well. In any case, you have to activate JavaScript and enable Cookies for Update-Scout to function.

> How about my e-mail address and account information?

We ensure that your account information is properly protected. We will never disclose any account information to third parties except for providing general information in anonymized or aggregated form. In particular, e-mail addresses will not be disclosed to third parties at all. See the terms of use for details.